Wind River Adventures: My Life in Frontier Wyoming




Ed Farlow seems to have been present at every important historic event in the West. If he wasn’t, he knew someone who was. In this historic memoir Ed Farlow recalls a life like no otherstarting with his arrival as a teenager in Wyoming in the 1870s. It begins with Farlow and a friend hopping a freight train for Laramie, Wyoming, and continues until 1931 when he was adopted into the Arapaho Nation by the Indians who had become his friends. His remarkable rapport with the Indians who were his neighbors on the Wind River Reservation led to his acting as a theatrical agent for the tribes for their appearances in “exhibitions” and early motion pictures. He traveled with them to far away places including Paris, London, and Hollywood. He recounts versions of famous eventsthe Custer Battle, a buffalo hunt with Indians, the Wilcox train robbery, the Battle of Crowheart Butte, a wolf roundup. And he recalls famous peopleSacajawea, the Hole-in-the Wall gang, Colonel Tim McCoy, Joan Crawford


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