The Mata Mission: A World War II Adventure Novel




Berlin, 1945: Her code name was Mata O’Hara. The OSS had 48 hours to find her before the Russians or the Germans did. She was the only one who could lead them to Adolf Hitler.
She was the best spy the British had in Berlin, but not even Winston Churchill knew her real name. They called her Mata O’Hara because she was Irish. When the war began, Mata found herself destitute in Berlin, when her husband, a Hungarian count, was arrested. He told her to use her youth, beauty and cleverness to survive, but she was not sure how. Heinrich Himmler taught her how, and when Himmler tired of her she became the favorite of SS General Hermann Fegelein.
To get her revenge on the Nazis she became a spy for the British and learned that Hitler planned to flee Berlin. Churchill sent a team of agents to assassinate the Fuhrer, to keep him from escaping. The team, headed by Vic Williams, an American OSS agent, had two days to carry out their mission, but they were not the only ones heading for Berlin. Josef Stalin wanted to capture Hitler alive and bring him to Moscow for a show trial. And Heinrich Himmler planned to murder Hitler so he could become the leader of a new Fourth Reich.
All these factions fought their way through a shattered Berlin, racing to find Mata O’Hara who could lead them to Hitler’s underground bunker. Hitler faked his suicide and escaped to a waiting submarine in the Baltic Sea. But the submarine was not what Hitler, or anyone else, ever expected to see.


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