The Bones Remember (Alexa Glock Forensics Mysteries #2)


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Pub Date: September 08, 2020

“At first, Alexa Glock’s first case as a traveling forensic investigator seems straightforward-her expertise in teeth helps her identify the skeletal remains of a hunter found on the remote Stewart Island in New Zealand. But when she realizes the bullet lodged in his skull was not self-inflicted and a second, shark-ravaged body washes up on Ringaringa Beach, it’s clear that something is off. The disturbing sight confirms what locals have hashed out in the pub: shark cage-diving, lucrative for owners and popular with tourists, has changed the great white sharks’ behavior, turning them into man eaters. Tensions between cagers and locals mount as Alexa dives into the harrowing case. And while measuring bite patterns, she makes a shocking discovery that just might lead her to the man responsible for both murders”–


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