South American Fights & Fighters: The Conquistadors and Other Accounts of Adventure




A selection of frontier and naval adventures

This is the sixth book in Cyrus Townsend Brady’s ‘Fights and Fighters’ series. It follows Brady’s sometimes idiosyncratic approach to his project of fascinating insights into conflict and is divided into two broad sections. The first focuses on the drama that was the conquest of Central and South America, with emphasis on Panama and Balboa but also touching on Pizarro and Peru. The second part is an exciting selection of ‘adventures;’ featured are the account of the whaling ship Essex, the cruise of the Tonquin, a piece about the American hero John Paul Jones, an interesting account of Indian fighting along the Pitt River by the U. S. Army under Crook in 1868 and finally an account of boyhood in the West told in the first person. This series contains essential information for those interested in the conflicts fought on the American frontiers. The volumes in the ‘Fights and Fighters’ series are: 1. Colonial, 2. Revolutionary, 3. Border, 4. Indian, 5. North-Western and 6. South American. All have been or will soon be published by Leonaur.


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