Snook Wallow ( Wrongful Conviction Mystery ) (2ND ed.)


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Pub Date: September 29, 2020

Snook Wallow: A Wrongful Conviction Mystery¬†weaves together the stories of two illegal immigrants and the men convicted of killing them. During a night out with friends, Logan Murphy stumbles upon the scene of a crime. What started as good intentions, trying to help the victim, entangles him in the investigation and ultimately leads to a murder conviction of Jane Doe. A decade later Logan Murphy is nearing the end of the line on Florida’s death row. His last hope rests with Cate Stokes, a retired lawyer who reluctantly agrees to take his case. Cate joins forces with retired detective Eduardo “Lalo” Sanchez. As Cate and Lalo carry out an investigation the truth begins to unravel. The urgency to establish Murphy’s innocence and find the real murderer is heightened when the duo discovers a human trafficking ring in South Florida and the chilling realization that Jane Doe was not the only victim.


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