Simple Country Murder: A 1940s Cotswolds Mystery



Murder. Spies. Treason. Shadowy secrets lurk beneath the surface of an idyllic country village…
When Helen Lightholder’s world is shattered by the death of her husband during the London Blitz, she escapes to the countryside, hoping to leave the war behind her. But managing an inherited property in a quaint Gloucestershire village turns out to be more perilous than she expects.
Cozy little Brookminster isn’t the peaceful haven Helen dreamed of, and it isn’t long before she discovers that, even here, dark threats and dangerous secrets await. As family duty compels her to meddle in a police investigation into the suspicious death of a relative, she finds herself at odds with the local inspector.
Can Helen bring justice to her little corner of the country, while war rages on in the greater world outside? Or will her investigation make her the next target of a fiendish killer who has everything to lose?


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