Ruddy Gore



“Phryne Fisher is trying to enjoy a gala performance of Gilbert and Sullivan’s Ruddigore at His Majesty’s Theatre, but there are dark doings afoot. The leading man is poisoned, followed by his understudy, then a massive curtain weight crushes a company member to a pulp. It certainly looks as if someone has it in for the production, but the show must go on! Murder and poison make this a case for the Melbourne police, but as a friend of the troupe’s manager, Phryne can’t help but become involved. The specter of a deceased actress haunts the theater, gloves go missing, whiskey goes green, the elusive scent of hyacinths wafts though the wings, a child with a tell-tale birthmark is sought. And, love appears to be blossoming between Phryne and the handsome young scion of a Chinese merchant family.”


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