Murder on the Front Nine: A Mickke D Grand Strand Murder Mystery


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If you enjoy a good mystery/thriller adventure and a travel story, Steve McMillen’s first novel, “Murder on the Front Nine”, set in the Myrtle Beach area of South Carolina, offers both. It’s a wild ride with a charismatic, soon to be crime solving Realtor/Architect/Golf Pro, who also just happens to be an ex-Green Beret. It is a tale of assassinations, black ops, corrupt politicians, big oil, betrayal, a drug cartel, and a treasure hunt, with a twist, off the South Carolina coast. You can read Steve’s book on two levels. Simply as a good murder, mystery, thriller, whodunit yarn, in a southern beach setting, which is how the majority of the readers will percieve it. The other level is with a local’s and visitor’s delight in recognizing familiar resorts, restaurants, golf courses and other local features.


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