Murder in Aspen Notch


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Sue and Alan fell in love while solving a murder mystery in No Gifts to Bring. Now newlyweds, they’d decided to relocate to Aspen Notch, a small town in the Poconos, where they could enjoy the mountain vistas and a restful retirement.Out of the blue, Alan was offered an interim position as chief of police, Aspen Notch’s only cop. Thinking it would be an easy gig in a quiet town, Sue encouraged Alan to accept the job while she focused on the renovations to the home they bought.They were barely settled before Sue found a dead body, inherited an unruly puppy, and was sent a death threat. Would Sue be able to help Alan solve the crime before the killer made good on the warning?Murder in Aspen Notch, an engaging whodunit, is the first book of the Aspen Notch Mystery series.


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