Murder at the Seaside Hotel: A 1920’s Historical Cozy Mystery


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1920’s lighthearted cozy mysteryAn invitation from a hotel owner to stay at his new seaside hotel provides Evie, Countess of Woodridge, with the perfect opportunity to fulfill her maid’s dream of vacationing by the seaside.However, the prospect of spending an entire week strolling along the pier makes Evie realize she is no longer cut out for a life of leisure. Clearly, she is missing the exhilaration she experienced during the last few murder cases she had become involved in. When a young woman dies right outside their hotel, Evie finds the perfect opportunity to distract herself. The local police think it is suicide. Evie has other ideas…Assisted by her bodyguard, Tom Winchester, and her maid, Caro, Evie works her way from one clue to the next until she is able to prove there is a case worth looking into.Squeaky clean lighthearted cozy mystery set in the 1920s


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