Memoir of an Adventurous Life: A Year in Vietnam and Before and After




Memoir of an Adventurous Life are the stories of an author who describes himself as having a hyperactive sense of adventure. Serving as a corpsman with the marines in Vietnam, the author flew in helicopters that went to the scene of combat and fetched the wounded, often before any medical assistance had been rendered. Frequently, these helicopters, not marked with red crosses, came under enemy fire. The base where the author was assigned was the scene of frequent mortar and rocket attacks with horrific results. As a young person, the author taught SCUBA diving and frequently was employed by law enforcement in the recovery of drowning victims and evidence. As a navy officer, the author’s responsibilities included casualty evacuation. He was responsible for moving the wounded in the 1983 Beirut bombing, from Beirut into Germany. Stories of grandparents and family show a warm side of the author. You will enjoy, vicariously, many of the interesting tales.


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