Kat McGee Saves the World: An Earth Day Adventure!





It’s Earth Day and Kat McGee, lover of all holidays, has soured toward this one. Earth Day doesn’t feel like a holiday at all. It seems more like work: picking up trash, planting trees… where are the fireworks and carnivals?Then a storm like Totsville has never seen envelopes the small town and Kat is scared-really scared. She is trapped in her room, amidst the torrential storm of rain, snow, tornado-force winds, and crumbling walls, and things start to get fuzzy.Kat awakens to a very different world, in a place and time she doesn’t recognize. Little does Kat know, she’s been transported over a hundred years in the future, where Mother Nature has given up on Earth, and it is a bleak and depressing place. With 2 young girls who look strikingly familiar, a talking plant, and a lot of determination, they realize it is up to them to save the planet. Their adventures take them fromthe rain forests to the depths of the ocean in search of help and hope, but canthey find people who care enough about the Earthto save it? Will Mother Nature give the planet another chance, or will Kat be stuck in this grim future forever?


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