Jungleland: A Mysterious Lost City and a True Story of Deadly Adventure




Armed with the personal notebooks of the mysterious World War II spy Theodore Morde, an adventurer who attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler, journalist Christopher S. Stewart sets out in search of the lost White City, buried somewhere deep in the Mosquito Coast of Honduras. Stewart pieces together the whirlwind life and peculiar death of Morde, who sailed around the world five times before turning thirty, as he tries to verify Morde’s claim of having discovered the “Lost City of the Monkey God.”
In the tradition of The Lost City of Z and Lost in Shangri-La, Jungleland is in part a classic tale of man versus wild as well as a story of young fatherhood and a meditation on the timeless call of adventure–an epic search for answers in a place where nothing is guaranteed, least of all survival.


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