Haystack Rock Mystery and Murder at the Cannon Beach Hotel


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The Mystery of Haystack Rock and the Murder at Cannon Beach Hotel — a fantasy crime novel introducing Peter Valmont, history’s most brilliant thief with long-reaching government ties. In a quirky romp around the world and back to idyllic Cannon Beach, Oregon, Valmont’s genius is trapped in a life of crime. His attempt to hide the latest heist and preserve history’s largest treasure cross paths with famous FBI Agent Weaver, Cannon Beach Chief of Police Bunnell, and mastermind amateur detective and art student, Anthony Miller, all caught up in the confusing and unbelievable. At each step, Valmont is stunned to find Miller on his heels. Will Miller unravel the murder, find the treasure, and solve the other mysteries along the way? Has Valmont finally met his match? Will he be lured away from a life of crime? Ancient myths are revealed dating from Lewis and Clark, Thomas Jefferson, Kings of France, and Julius Caesar. Improbable adventures swirl around love, murder, missing objects d’art, and a strange kidnapping at the historic Cannon Beach Hotel that eventually lead to Europe and back to the foggy crags of Haystack Rock.


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