Crockett’s Long Trip to Kentucky (Adventure)




Description of “Crockett’s Long Trip To Kentucky,” is a book about the mid eighteen hundreds. This was Pre Civil War. This account is full of details and drama. It will hold your attention as you have to see what happens next. About a young man in an adventure when this country was still young. It has love, hate, hardships and good times. It has fear and Christian Witness. It is based on a true story and taken from a part of “Legacy 2nd Edition” by the same author, Colonel Charles Dahnmon Whitt. Young Crockett will start his Kentucky adventure at about ten years of age. He will travel with his Paw, Jonas Whitt, some 200 miles through really rugged country to build a grist mill in Greenup County Kentucky. I invite you to get on the heavy tool laden wagon and travel with Crockett and Jonas Whitt and see what they saw and did. Then help them build a grist mill on Big White Oak Creek, in Greenup County, Kentucky. See why Crockett Whitt had to leave Kentucky with great haste and get out of his beloved Kentucky.


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