Beach Front Murder


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The bodies are piling up in Myrtle Beach.
Newspaper columnist Mike Pickens knows he’s on a hot story.
The police are looking at easy answers because nobody wants high-profile killings to spoil the tourist season.
But Pick’s source can connect the dots in the recent murders. If he’s going to prove that an innocent man is being railroaded, then Pick will have to keep his source alive long enough to expose the true murderer.
And if Pick is going to survive the attempts of a howling opioid-addict hitman, he’s going to have to convince his ex-girlfriend, Myrtle Beach Police Officer Maggie Woodlawn, to ride in like the cavalry and save the day.
The first book in the Pick & Greenwood Mystery series set on the sunny beaches of South Carolina is a riotous ride down Waccamaw Drive.
If you love gritty crime novels with a touch of dark humor set against the backdrop of the Redneck Riviera, then the Pick & Greenwood Mysteries will be an instant favorite.
So grab your notebook and pen, and you might need a gun, because the hoodlums get crazy in the South Carolina sun.


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