Adventures of the U-202




  • The Adventures of the U-202 is a narative of German U-Boat Commander Baron Spiegel Von Und Zu Peckelsheim. “I was sitting on the conning tower smoking a cigarette. Then the splash of a wave soaked it. I tried to draw another puff. It tasted loathsome and frizzled. Then I became angry and threw it away. I can see my reader’s surprised expression. You had expected to read a serious U-boat story and now such a ridiculous beginning! But I know what I am doing. If I had once thrown myself into the complicated U-boat system and used a bunch of technical terms, this story would be shorter and more quickly read through, but you would not have understood half of it.” Baron Edgar von Spiegel and from Peckelsheim was a German U-boat commander in World War I, Consul General of New Orleans and Marseille in the Second World War, and writer. He wrote several, mostly autobiographical naval war books


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