Adventures of the U-202




The Adventures of the U-202 is a World War One history classic by E. Spiegel and a fascinating narrative of life aboard a German U Boat during the Great War. Seriousness will come, bitter and pitiable seriousness. In fact, everything is serious which is connected with the life on board a submarine and none of it is funny; although in fact it is the hundred small inconveniences and peculiar conditions on a U-boat which make life on it remarkably characteristic. And in order to bring to the public a closer knowledge concerning the peculiar life on board a U-boat I am writing this story. Good–therefore my log-book! Yes, why should I not make use of it? To this I also wish to add that I not only used my own log-book but also at many places had use of other U-boats’ logs in order to present one or another episode which is worth the while relating.


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