Adventures of the Red Velvet Dress




Dorothy McLean’s novel, The Adventures of the Red Velvet Dress, is the saga of three independent women in mid-nineteenth century America as they struggle to gain independence within the post Civil War constraints and how the Red Velvet Dress was witness to their interrelated lives from rural Michigan to Wyoming on the Oregon Trail to the silver and copper mines of Jerome, Arizona, and finally back to Michigan. The story follows the lives of these three women, Sarah Bachmann Bauer, Elizabeth Bauer and Lacey Dare Miles as they find adventure, face the challenges in their lives and loves, and clash with the sexist culture of their time. The interrelated story of Sarah, Elizabeth and Lacey, and the fully-drawn characters they meet throughout their rebellious journey, lead us from a comfortable farm in Michigan to the sod huts of Wyoming and on to the mining camp of Jerome and the extravagant opulence of the “Flower House”. As you read The Adventures of the Red Velvet Dress you will be captivated by their stories and applaud the unquenchable spirit of these women and think, “Only in America”.


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