Adventures of Harry Morgan




Harry Morgan is not an average retiree. Trouble sticks to Harry like a magnet! Here are three interlocking fast-paced crime/action novellas starring Harry Morgan, an aging adventurer who attracts trouble wherever he goes. Collegial Conspiracy What would you do if a dying friend asked you help him rob a bank…not just any bank, but the bank where you do business…and do it like Bonnie and Clyde? And then things really get complicated when the friend’s son, Tony, shows up. Emilio: Did Laurel Jackson commit suicide or was she murdered? Worse, did Tony Middleton do it? Harry finds himself playing detective, smack dab in the middle of an investigation rubbing up against the bank robbery he is working so hard to forget. Can he solve the mystery, free Tony and get away clean? The Pirates of Cayo Pelau: Harry’s heard all the stories about pirates, old and new, along the Florida coast, As he teaches his friends to sail his new boat, he expects mosquitoes and sand gnats but he never expected to land in the midst of a slave smuggling ring. Now he must find a way to free the captives, keep his friends safe and put the smugglers out of business…before it’s too late.


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