Adventures in the Santa Fe Trade, 1844-1847




James Josiah Webb left Independence, Missouri, in the summer of 1844 and headed down the Santa Fe Trail with goods bought in St. Louis. Although his first venture as a trader was a failure, he eventually made a fortune as a merchant in Santa Fe. Webb recorded his youthful experiences in 1888, and Ralph P. Bieber, a respected scholar and researcher on western expansion, edited and annotated his journal for publication more than forty years later. Long out of print, Adventures in the Santa Fe Trade is an entertaining and important source of first-hand information about the Santa Fe Trail and trade; trappers, Mexicans, and Indian tribes of the Old Southwest; and the impact of the Mexican War on southwestern trade. Introducing this edition is Mark L. Gardner, a freelance writer and historian and the editor of Brothers on the Santa Fe and Chihuahua Trails: Edward James Glasgow & William Henry Glasgow, 1846-1848.


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