Adventures in Space Advocacy: A Personal Story of Space Activism




Adventures in Space Advocacy tells the story of the activities, successes, failures, and impact of two grassroots, pro-space advocacy groups. Part 1 is a chronology of the St. Louis, Missouri, space community from the early years of space activism in the 1980s. Part 2 covers the author’s involvement in space advocacy in Phoenix, Arizona, some twenty years later. This history focuses on personal notes and recollections of the local chapters of the L5 Society and the National Space Institute (later to merge into the National Space Society). It closes with some reflections on whether those dreams we had in the 1980s had any effect on the realities of the 2010s. The author’s hope is that historians of the space movement find this to be an interesting first-hand account of grass-roots efforts to promote space exploration to the public. Similarly, current space activists can learn from these examples of how to execute large pro-space events.


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