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About Us

I am a long time fan of science fiction books of all types. A large part of my kindle library is science fiction. There is nothing like curling up in bed reading or better yet listening to a good book. While I enjoy reading well known writers like Arthur Clarke and Isaac Asimov there is nothing like discovering someone new like Erika Swyler whose book Light from Other Stars which I just recently read.  My second love is mysteries both fiction and non fiction which always provide a chance to learn something new.

Growing up, I can remember wondering how Jules Verne's predictions about the future were so accurate. Basically, my love of science fiction was encouraged by three things. First Star Trek a weekly tv show that was original and thought provoking. So much so that I still watch the reruns even tho I've seen all the episodes multiple times. Second the movie 2001 A Space Odysey. I was fascinated but only really began to understand after I read the book and it's sequel 2010. Finally Apollo 11 and the moon landing. I remember all of us sitting around the TV late at night seeing history being made.

The great thing about science fiction is the wide range of topics it covers from nonfiction like Edgar Cayce's studies of ESP to unusual occurrences in every day life to my favorite space travel and the possibility of some form of life in outer space. Reading a good science fiction book is great fun but discussing it with friends who share your interests is even better!